Sunday, March 29, 2015

Putting an end to Counterfeit Drugs

There are many challenges in stopping counterfeit medicines. Due to the insufficient management and implementation, the safety, efficacy and quality of either locally manufactured and imported drugs in a lot of countries cannot be ensured.

Illegal importation and smuggling of medicines are widespread. Counterfeit drugs are not just retailed in countries with ineffectual drug control nonetheless they are exported or re-exported as well.

Criminals and their associates determinedly try to find ways to avoid being detected. They are involved in complex schemes to conceal their tricks. They set up fabricated front companies of their businesses. They abuse fragilities in border control every time government’s effort to advocate world trade through lessening border reviews. They work on fake documents to gain vital operating pharmaceutical ingredients, along with manufacturing equipment to copy authentic products.

Some policy-makers have argued that drug regulation represents an unnecessary barrier to trade and should be lessened to a minimum. Pharmaceuticals, on the other hand, are not a typical product, as prescribers and consumers are incapable individualistically to evaluate their safety, efficacy and quality and 

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